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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Eneter.Messaging.Framework 1.0

The article briefly describes Eneter.Messaging.Framework version 1.0 as a platform for the communication between applications.

This article describes the first version of the framework. The latest version you can find here:
Applications typically do not run isolated but they communicate to each other. Also internally the application can consist of components or layers (running in different threads) that need to communicate. Dealing with different technologies, communication protocols and possibilities how to resolve the communication between applications and inside the application adds the complexity and increases the effort.
Eneter.Messaging.Framework is the message oriented middleware providing the unified approach for communication with messages. It means, you use the same functionality to communicate between processes and between components inside the process.

The framework wraps the communication protocols and technologies for you and provides well defined components you can use to realize communication scenarios.

For the interprocess communication, the framework supports:
  • Named Pipes
  • TCP
  • Http
  • Silverlight Messaging  (yes, you can use it for Silverlight applications too)

For the communication inside the application, the framework supports:
  • Synchronous messaging - messages processed in the context of caller thread.
  • Thread messaging - messages for one processing thread.
  • Thread Pool messaging - messages for more processing threads.

The communication can be one-way or request-response. It can be string messages or strongly typed messages.

And you can use the following components to create your communication scenario:
  • Bridge - connects messaging systems.
  • Broker - receives messages and forwards them to subscribed receivers.
  • Router - receives messages and forwards them to preconfigured receivers.
  • Dispatcher - receives messages and forwards them to all receivers.
  • Channel Wrapper - wraps messages from more channels and sends via one channel
  • Channel Unwrapper - unwraps messages from one channel and sends them to respective channels.

For more technical details, please refer to

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